Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

LendTech is a customer-facing, highly intuitive digital lending platform that sits on top of the back office layer of the Loan Origination System (automated or manual) for lenders. With LendTech: SMB banks, credit unions, and private lenders can receive full digital loan applications with signatures, receive and organize loan documents, and collaborate directly with borrowers via integrated communication channels. LendTech supports multiple loan types: everything from credits cards, mortgage, HELOC, commercial real estate loans, to SBA loans, bridge loans, auto loans, equipment loans, and more.
With LendTech, borrower’s access their own loan account portal, including bank-grade security, real-time alert notifications on their application status and streamlined communication between borrower/lender and 3rd party brokers for simpler, faster engagement.

LendTech’s borrower loan portal eliminates the need for phone tag, insecure email exchange and most importantly - meets regulatory compliance requirements for bank or nonbank lenders.
LendTech’s interactive platform is distinct to customize configuration to a Lender’s loan applications to enable simpler and faster means to apply for a loan on any device mobile, tablet or desktop. We reduce loan origination time turnaround, adhere to regulatory compliance requirements for both security and processing while automating areas of workflow to reduce manual inputs to save time and expense.
LendTech is a customer-facing SaaS platform. It enables lenders to offer borrowers a simple and efficient process to apply for their loans, and enables loan officers and processors to review and process loan origination for the underwriter's review.
Easy and seamless! LendTech’s platform is highly configurable into existing Lender CRMs and LOS back-office systems such as SalesForce, Calyx, Encompass and others. We are established integration partners with these partners and continually adding strategic LOS system partnerships. Contingent on open API access from existing lender infrastructure, LendTech can integrate with most partners in the LOS value chain.
LendTech’s SaaS-based platform meets bank-grade security compliance and systems architecture with ISO Certified 27001 compliance accreditation representing the highest level of security protocol. LendTech clients are provided a dedicated, secure platform which ensures the protection of borrower data, rendering it inaccessible to 3rd parties. At the conclusion of a lender’s license agreement, we will happily export all borrower data onto encrypted media.
LendTech clients can now serve borrowers on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Our integrated communication channels enable faster and easier lender/borrower engagement.The ROI from faster close times through our streamlined pipeline is proven, and you will see more borrowers satisfaction, and thus more referrals. A simpler, faster way for borrowers to apply for their loans translates to easier cross-selling and upselling of new loan offerings as well.
Broker’s can now accompany a borrower through the loan application to help in the process of documentation collection. This empowers our lenders and broker base with a marketing engagement tool throughout the application process. Spend your time generating new business rather than phone and email tag with existing customers!
LendTech’s platform improves a lender’s LOS by providing a compliant, bank-grade secure environment. It increases borrower efficiency by allowing access from any device, while providing real time updates and analytics. In addition, LendTech automates workflow to reduce manual input and save time and expense.
LendTech supports any category of loan types: credits cards, residential mortgages, HELOC, commercial real estate loans, SBA loans, bridge loans, auto loans, equipment loans, and more. We are not “software-in-a-box” where one size doesn't fit all! LendTech is custom configured specifically to each lender’s digital loan applications and we identify the areas of LOS workflow that we can automate and tailor to your company's needs.
LendTech’s pricing is dependent on the size and type of lender platform a client needs: bank, credit union or non-bank lender. In comparison to the end-to-end LOS solutions on the market, LendTech is a fraction of the cost with ROI payback timelines being realized much faster than our competitors. Please see above for our packages and pricing and call +1 (415) 580-1550 to discuss all the options available to your company.
Typically for our bank/credit union lending partners, our implementation timeline is 4-6 weeks. For our non-bank lenders, it typically takes 2-3 weeks. Prior to implementation, LendTech executes a thorough on-boarding process. Billing for our clients does NOT start until the implementation start date, and when your custom-branded lending platform goes “live”.
LendTech does offer a custom branded white label solution and the potential ROI is realized through custom brand recognition and reputation enhancement from their clients. LendTech’s lending platform mirrors our lending partner’s look and feel and demonstrates to their borrowers that they are are on the cutting edge of financial technology and security. In addition, our lender’s loan platform attracts broker interest and activity and expands Broker Referral network as well.
LendTech can integrate with any CRM that uses open APIs. LendTech is a technology partner with CRM’s such as SalesForce, Hubspot and others. We carefully ensure that integration into your CRM will serve to make a meaningful marketing and lead management impact.
Any type of document can be uploaded safely and easily to LendTech’s loan document vault, including sensitive financial or personal documents. Our document upload system is fast and enables multiple documents to be uploaded with 1-click. In addition, ANY file format can be uploaded; with LendTech even multiple document formats can be unified for export into an Excel file making the loan origination and review process much easier for our lender partners.