LendTech Benefits


Offer greater convenience to your customers with a web-based financial service.
Spend less time on manual data entry and reduce risk with a streamlined, digital pipeline.
Onboard quickly with no additional hardware or onsite installations needed.
Protect your borrower’s sensitive information with multi-level data security, back-up systems, and rigorous audits.
Link third-party business partners directly to back-office Loan Origination Systems.


Integrate the application process seamlessly into existing digital banking tool framework.
View loan team performance updates and inbound application volume in real time.


Process loans more efficiently with digital documents and borrower e-signatures.
Increase loan application deployment.
Collaborate directly with third party brokers through the LendTech broker portal.
Communicate instantly with borrowers via LendTech chat feature.
Reduce risk with a streamlined pipeline that follows regulatory procedures.


Apply for loans whenever, wherever with our web-based SaaS technology.
Let LendTech guide you through the loan application process in as little as 5 easy steps.
Connect instantly with loan officers via LendTech chat feature.
Track your loan application progress through the dashboard.